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It pays to monitor your account closely>

4 simple rules for investing>

How secure is your Wi-Fi?>

Know the score before applying for credit>

Red tape has been cut on SBA loans>

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It pays to monitor your account closely

If you have considered handling your finances electronically for convenience, here's an even better reason. You'll be able to pay closer attention to your account activity, which can help keep you from falling victim to a new type of scam. MORE 
4 simple rules for investing

You don't need to understand complex jargon to build a sound financial future for yourself. These four simple principles can help guide you toward an investing strategy that puts you on a path toward meeting your goals.
How secure is your Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi, or a wireless Internet connection, is a convenient and exciting option for computer users. Just because it's popular, however, does not mean it's automatically safe. Before you go wireless, take extra safety precautions to protect your computer, files and finances.
Know the score before applying for credit

Your credit score, a statistical summary of all of the data in your credit report, allows lenders, insurers and others to make a quick decision about your creditworthiness. Those three digits can affect your ability to secure a loan, insurance coverage, an apartment — even a job.
Red tape has been cut on SBA loans

To give small businesses better and less time-consuming access to Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, the SBA has cut more than 100 pages of paperwork from loan applications and simplified its loan programs.

  News & Notes

Revere Bank is pleased to announce that Annie Geiermann has joined the bank as Senior Vice President/Commercial Team Leader. MORE 
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