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Guest Feature
Utilizing Leasing to Grow Your Business
According to the Equipment Leasing and Financing Association (ELFA), over 85% of U.S. businesses use leasing as a financing tool for acquiring equipment. The most common items leased includes computers, vehicles, machinery, copiers and telecommunications equipment.

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Small Business Insights
Research Provides an Edge in Business
Information is a valuable resource in the business world. It drives decision-making and brings greater credibility and clout to your organization when used wisely.

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Tips for the Entrepreneur
Small Changes Can Amount to Big Savings for Your Business
In these recovering economic times, many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing product quality, employee morale or long-term goals. While that may sound like an impossible dream, small adjustments can improve a business's bottom line without damaging business quality.

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The Best Of...
Cutting-Edge Apps for Entrepreneurs
Helping your business run more efficiently and finding ways to strike a better work-life balance can be as close as the palm of your hand. Check out this list of top apps that can help you work and live smarter.

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Upcoming Events: May 20: Enterprise Minnesota - Lean Enterprise Summit 2014 // May 20: ACG - At Summit Brewery with President, Mark Stutrud // May 21: ECOM Luncheon Featuring Dr. Narayana Kocherlakota // May 21: NAWBO - MNCREW / NAWBO-MN Co-Partnered Event // May 29: Business Journal - Women In Business Awards Luncheon // June 3: Carlson School of Management 1st Tuesday

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